Monday, June 24, 2013

Florida, summer 2013

as you may or may not know, we just got back from a family trip to Florida.  though I don't have picks, I'll try to tell you about it, day by day.

Friday, June 7th: the adventure beguines! after a normal morning, Jon and Grammy arrive about 1. after dad and them take naps, we hit the road. After dinner somewhere in central Kentucky, we continue on are journey. I fall asleep at 11:30 (I know, late) around Nashville. When I wake up, where about to enter Florida from Alabama.

Saturday, June 8th: soon, everyone wakes up. at 8, we reach are destination, Tallahassee. there we visit the 14th largest stadium in collage football. (compared to IU's 54,000, this 84,000 seat stadium looked like a pro teams.) at noon, we got our seats ready for the IU Florida state baseball game, game one of the super regionals. IU used a big offence to win, 10-9. After the game, we continue on our route to Melbourne beach. We get there about 11:00.

Sunday, June 9th: I wake up about the normal time (6:30, I know I love it!!) I watch TV until my parents and brother wake up. We then leave for Bob's, my dads cousin, house near Orlando. His home is massive! It has a swimming pool that let's you see the TV from inside of the pool. we do this while watching the IU game, this one an 11-8 win that clinched a spot in Omaha. Afterward, we picked up Mike, Jake, and Kathryn from the airport.  After eating dinner in an Irish place, we got home.

Monday, June 10th: Monday was a relaxing day. We really didn't go do anything, but we did swim in the pool in the backyard. Me and Seeger had many jumping contests (me winning most of them.) afterward, we all relaxed by the pool. At night, we took a walk on the beach.

Tuesday, June 11th: Disney. I know that Disney is "the place where dreams come true!" but, I hate it. zero roller coasters, besides space mountain. I do phrase there non roller coaster rides, such as Buzz light year, Monsters laugh floor, splash mountain, and the Jungle cruise. Everyone went but Uncle Mike, who chose Universal over Disney (for more on Universal, go to Thursday) we even got to see a presentation of the presidents, narrated by Morgan Freeman. after a long day, we got home super late.

Wednesday, June 12th: Wednesday was the beach. the morning was spent doing normal things, but after Lunch, we hit the sands. it was fun to get into the water and have the waves start to push you back, but get past the wake and it being so calm. we did it for a couple of hours! afterward, we went out to celebrate Mike's birthday.

Thursday, June 13th: Thursday was Universal, which is what I was waiting for all week. Seeger and Grammy stayed home, and Jake and Kathrin made a mistake on tickets, and headed to Epcot. That left me, Mom, Dad, Mike, and John. after we got there, we road the Harry Potter ride. I enjoyed it more than I did last time. After that we did the Juristic Park ride, before we hit lunch, afterward I had my photo taken with Captain America. after the Dr. Doom free-fall, we rode my favorite ride the last time we came- the Hulk. After the Amazing Spiderman, we hit the Popeye raft ride before dinner. then we hit the Harry Potter dragon challenge, 4 times. We re-road the forbidden Journey and actually got stuck for 5 minutes. After re-riding are favorite rides, my favorite day was done.

Friday, June 14th: relax by the pool day.

Saturday, June 15th: drive to Indiana

vacation is over :( of course, we go to The lake in a week, then to Washington D.C, then to Camp before school starts.      

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